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This section publishes questions related to the purchase of tickets on the site demo-games.infomatika.ru.


Payment: processing response "Payment failed"

In most cases, this error occurs when trying to pay with a Visa Electron card, although all the plastic card details are entered correctly and the card has the required amount. Restrictions on the possibility of paying with your plastic card via the Internet, as a rule, are set by the card issuing bank.

You can use a plastic card of friends or relatives to pay.

When buying an e-ticket, no additional documents are required.


Registration: unable to register

The refusal to register is usually due to the fact that an account has already been registered to your e-mail address in the demo-games.infomatika.ru system. If you are unable to register, send us a message about the impossibility of registering, indicating the e-mail address that you provide during registration.


Registration: registration confirmation not received

The error in most cases is related to corporate email addresses. Companies typically install their own mail server with attached spam sender lists and filters. The logic of the servers is to not let through single messages that look like spam from an address unknown to the filter. If you have already registered with this address, please call or email us to confirm your registration so that we can activate your account manually. The easiest way to avoid this problem is to use free email servers.